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  • Flower color: Violet
  • Five-leaf Akebia

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    Five-leaf Akebia  (Akebia quinata)

    General description: A striking tropical climber wrapping itself around the supports. The beautiful, evergreen, strongly growing, reaches up to 3 m in height.

    Flowers: fragrant with cinnamon, in the spring months is sprinkled with beautiful purple-pink flowers and green, elongated leaves.

    Flowering: blooms in June - July

    Requirements / Cultivation:   position: sun - partial shade, plant up to 0.5-1 m in ordinary garden soil, do not cut, fertilize moderately.

  • Chinese wisteria ’purple’

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    Chinese wisteria ’purple’

    A striking climber with purple flowers gathered in panicles. A long-lived species, lasting up to 100 years!

    A creeper climbing up to 15 m! A perennial vine with strong, thick stems interwoven in a braid that twists around supports, grows up to a few meters, blooms in May, with beautiful pale violet flowers gathered in 40-50 cm long hanging clusters. Requirements: requires fertile soil, rich in ingredients and a sunny, sheltered position, in summer slightly trim the ends of shoots

  • Syringa vulgaris ’Congo’

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    Syringa vulgaris ’Congo’

    Is a deciduous shrub of the olive family. It can take the form of widely branched shrub or small tree. Flowers in May with single, purple, intensely fragrant flowers.

    It grows up to 4 m in height best in fertile, moist but well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil and in full sun.

    Variety completely hardy.

    Can be grown in gardens and parks. It can be used to create a free tree rows, for planting in large containers, as a cut flowers for various types of flower arrangements and bouquets.


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  • Chinese wisteria ’Amethyst’

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    Chinese wisteria ’Amethyst’ (Wisteria sinensis ’Amethyst’)

    General description: Climber plant with woody stems and strong growth, grows up to several meters. It spreads thanks to the wrapping of the sprouts around the nearest supports.

    Inflorescences of the Amethyst variety have the form of hanging dense bunches up to 25 cm, in the darkest color they are violet-purple.

    Blooms in early May as one of the first varieties. It can then repeat the flowering again in August.

    The fruit of wisteria, as in all wisteria of the legume family, is the pod, which is also very decorative; the pod remains on the creeper throughout the winter and reaches a length of up to 15 cm.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  Wisteria should be planted in sunny and sheltered positions. Requires solid supports or pergolas.

    Soil: moderately fertile and moderately moist.

  • Syringa vulgaris ’Sensation’

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    Syringa vulgaris ’Sensation’

    Blooms less abundantly than other varieties of common lilac, but with wonderful rich purple-red flowers with a white margin that gives a fantastic bi-colour effect. Can be grown as a medium-sized shrub or small tree.

    The height of 2-5 m (depending on the section).

    Flowering: May-June (V-VI).

    Tolerant to urban pollutions and has good resistance to pests and diseases.

    It grows best in sun and in fertile, humus soils.

    Ideal for small gardens. Due to the beautiful scent is suitable for combination with other perennials or small shrubs with arbours and terraces.

    Holds the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit


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  • Wisteria florist ’Violacea Plena’

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    Wisteria florist ’Violacea Plena’ (Wisteria floribunda ’Violacea Plena’)

    General description: Species with exceptional, full flowers in purple colour, collected in long  acini form  florescences which are pleasantly fragrant. It grows up to 6 - 10 m (1-3 m per year).

    One of the earliest flowering varieties, it begins to bloom as early as 3-4 years after planting.

    It blooms profusely in May and June.

    Well-proven in the Polish climate, it is resistant to frosts, but young plants need to be covered with a straw mat, and the soil around the shoots thicken with a thick tree bark.

    After winter, shorten the long end shoots so that only 2-3 buds remain on them, and in July, cut new increments above the 5th leaf.

    By appropriate cutting, it is also possible to obtain a tree form that does not require supports.

  • Clematis ’Purple Spider’

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    Powojnik botaniczny ’Purple Spider’ (Clematis ’Purple Spider’)

    A repeated flowering variety. Dark purple, semi-full flowers in the shape of bells.

    Good for climbing supports: fences, pergolas, walls, as well as on balconies and terraces in large pots. Dark purple flowers. Grows up to 2.5 m. Ornamental multiple fruit in summer and autumn

    Blooms from April to May, then again in August. Does not require cutting. Fertilize during the vegetation season. Resistant and undemanding. Cutting: none. It belongs to a group of Atragene

  • Japanese Honeysuckle ’Purpurea’

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    Japanese Honeysuckle ’Purpurea’  (Lonicera japonica ’Purpurea’)

    Evergreen honeysuckle! Green leaves, purple in winter. It blooms for a very long time and has very fragrant flowers. It has black spherical fruit - inedible. A perennial twisting vine with purple leaves and shoots, grows up to 4 m, 1-2 m per year, pink flowers, blooms from July to September, propagates abundantly and widely. Perfectly fills the entire height of fences, evergreen – does not lose leaves in winter. Requirements: grows in any soil, position: sun or partial shade

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, gates

  • Clematis ’Jackmanii’

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    2l - 19.90 zł

    Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

    Is the most popular and widely grown deciduous vine which gets covered with a velvety dark purple flowers with four or five sepals, fading to violet over time with white or cream stamens.

    Blooms profusely beginning in midsummer and then again with smaller flowers in early fall.  May produce double flowers the first time and single the second time.  

    Can be grown in full sun or light shade, but its base and roots must be completely shaded with perennials, annuals or small shrubs. Need a trellis or other support on which to grow.  Grows up to 3m in height.

    Prefers moist, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil.

    Pruning can be done in stages over a period of years. Each year, prune back 1/3 of the stems above a couple of well-developed buds.

    Received Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society’s.

    Excellent for growing over fences, porches, walls, trellises, arch, poles, large containers or in a border.

  • Clematis ’Polish Spirit’

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    2l - 19.90 zł

    Clematis ’Polish Spirit’

    ’Polish Spirit’ is a late, medium-sized, vigorous deciduous climber with pinnate leaves. Considered easy to grow and ideal for beginners.

    Produces rich deep violet, star-shaped flowers with lighter bars and pale lime green stamens between June and September.

     It has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit

    Plant in a fertile, well-drained soil, with the roots and base of the plant kept cool and shaded by other plants.

    Suitable for a large containers, to climb a wall or fence, through a shrub or a tree or as a ground cover.

    It grows up to 3-4 m.

    Moderate pruning can be done by cutting back the stems to a pair of strong buds about 15-20cm above ground level in late winter or early spring to control the grow.

    This variety is hardy and disease resistant. 

  • Climbing rose ’Indigoletta’

    2l - PLN13.90

    Climbing rose Indigoletta (Rosa ’Indigoletta’)

    Flowers: large, full, strongly fragrant with a spicy aroma.

    The colour of lilac-violet flowers depend on the soil acidity and position.

    Flowering: Blooms from June to autumn.

    It reaches 2- 3 m in height.

    Resistant to disease.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, moderately moist substrate, average garden soil, it is recommended to make a mound around the plant for the winter.