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  • Five-leaf Akebia

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Five-leaf Akebia  (Akebia quinata)

    General description: A striking tropical climber wrapping itself around the supports. The beautiful, evergreen, strongly growing, reaches up to 3 m in height.

    Flowers: fragrant with cinnamon, in the spring months is sprinkled with beautiful purple-pink flowers and green, elongated leaves.

    Flowering: blooms in June - July

    Requirements / Cultivation:   position: sun - partial shade, plant up to 0.5-1 m in ordinary garden soil, do not cut, fertilize moderately.

  • Cotoneaster horizontalis (Wall spray)

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Cotoneaster horizontalis (Wall spray)


    Is a small deciduous and evergreen spreading shrub or small tree with tiny, white or white-pink flowers  and glossy dark green leaves which turn orange-red before they fall. The flowers bloom in June, are melliferous and are followed by bright red berries in October. They remain on the plant for the winter and make food for many birds.

    Grows up to a 1 m in height and 1.5 m width.

    The position must be sunny or lightly shaded and sheltered from the wind.

    Best grown in fertile, humus, well-drained, and moderately moist soil, but also tolerates any typical garden soil.

    Ideal as a groundcover, for rock gardens, on walls, slopes and borders.


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  • Weigela Florida ‘Nana Purpurea’

    1l - PLN10.90
    2l - 15.90 zł

    Weigela Florida ‘Nana Purpurea’ (Weigela Florida ’Nana Purpurea’)


    Is a compact, bushy, deciduous shrub with purplish green oval leaves and tubular pink flowers.

    It blooms in late spring and early summer. Repeats flowering in September and October if there is no frost.

    Reaches a height of 1.5 m.

    Grows best on well-drained, fertile, moderately moist and slightly acidic soils.

    Requires direct sunlight, warm and sheltered from the wind position.

    Suitable for hedges and individual planting.


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  • Japanese azalea ’Rokoko’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Japanese azalea ’Rokoko’

    General description: expressive like roses and without a doubt the most beautiful shrubs found in gardens, growing up to 40 cm high.

    Flowers: beautiful, full, pink

    Leaves: semi-evergreen,

    Flowering: abundantly in May

    Requirements / Cultivation:  prefers warm, sheltered areas sheltered from the wind / sunny or semi-shaded, earth with an acidic reaction.

  • Honeysuckle ’Serotina’

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Honeysuckle ’Serotina’ (Lonicera peryclimenum ’Serotina’)

    Very attractive, strong scented flowers are not the only advantage of this variety! Since September it has ornamental, red, inedible spherical fruit, about the size of a pea. It twists around supports (fences, pergolas), grows up to 6 m with an annual increase of 2 m. Flowers are cream-coloured, strong scented. It blooms from late May to October.

    Requirements: It enjoys a sunny position or partial shade. No specific soil requirements. It is frostproof.

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, gates, screens, walls of houses, balcony containers

  • Weigela florida ’Rubidor’

    1l - PLN10.90
    2l - 15.90 zł

    Weigela florida ’Rubidor’ (Weigela Florida ’Rubidor’)

    A spreading deciduous shrub with large, thick, oval yellow green leaves and bell shaped dark ruby red flowers. It blooms usually in late May and early June.

    It reaches a height of 1.8 m and 2 m wide.

    It is hardy and resistant to urban pollution.

    Can be grown on an average or fertile garden soil, damp or humid. It prefers sun.

    Suitable for planting urban parks and residential areas, hedges or beds.


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  • Honeysuckle

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium)

    A honeysuckle blooming at the end of May with vanilla scented flowers! One of the most intensely fragrant honeysuckles. A climber growing up to 3 meters in length. Cream and pink or cream flowers appear in the corners of the leaves. Short-tail leaves are green on the top, bluish on the underside, and are placed opposite each other. After fading, red, inedible berry fruit appears on the plant.

    Requirements: Feels best in full sun or partial sun. There are no requirement as to the soil, ordinary garden soil is sufficient.

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, gates, screens, walls of houses, balcony containers

  • Clematis ’Markham’s Pink’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Clematis ’Markham’s Pink’ (Clematis ’Markham’s Pink’)

    Blooming period starts in April - the earliest of the clematis.

    This variety has small, semi-double flowers with purple-pink color, 
    it blooms profusely.

    It climbs around supports

    It grows up to 2-2.5 meters , 1.5 meter per year,
    semi-double, pink flowers
    Not very large, but numerous, full and stable
    Resistant and with low requirements

    Flower Size: 5-7 cm
    Frost resistance: very good
    Position: any

    Cutting: not required

    Belongs to the  Antragene  group.

    pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, posts, columns, gates, screens, walls of houses, public greenery, on playgrounds, patio containers

  • Rose ’QUEEN ELIZABETH’ Grandiflora

    2l - PLN13.90

    Rose ’QUEEN ELIZABETH’ Grandiflora (Rosa’Queen Elizabeth’)


    Is one of the favourite beautiful pink grandiflora with moderate fragrance and dark green, glossy and leathery foliage. So outstanding that it is still around after 50 years of world-wide popularity. 

    Blooms from mid spring to mid fall. Grows to 70-150 cm.

    Plant in medium moisture, slightly acidic, well-drained garden soil in full sun although tolerates some  shade.

    Only regular pruning is required by removal of dead canes. This pruning could be done in the winter. Fertilize each spring.

    The bush is hardy and disease resistant. 

    Recommended to cover base of the plant for the winter.

    This rose grows well as a specimen, in small groups or as a hedge. Borders, cottage gardens, foundations or rose gardens.

  • Honeysuckle ’Hecrotta’

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Honeysuckle ’Hecrotta’ (Lonicera ’Hecrotti’)

    A honeysuckle with slightly fragrant flowers. Suitable for growing over trellises, gates, arbors, requires support. Twists around supports (fences and pergolas), grows up to 3 m. Bicolor, pink and cream, fragrant flowers. Blooms twice - in May and July, and then in September.

    At the end of summer red spherical, purely decorative fruit appears. Requirements: sunny position or partial shade. There are no special soil requirements, it is frostproof.

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, gates, screens, walls of houses, balcony containers

  • Magnolia ’George Henry Kern’

    1l - PLN18.90
    2l - 23.90 zł

    Magnolia ’George Henry Kern’ 

    General description: this variety is a hybrid of magnolia ‘stellata’ and magnolia ‘purple’, growing between 2.5 to 3 m high.

    Flowers: red-pink, 10 cm in diameter,

    Flowering:  blooms abundantly in April / May,

    Requirements / Cultivation:  magnolias are best planted in the autumn; they prefer sunny positions, sheltered from winds; fertile soil, humus with a slightly acidic pH reaction, moist.

  • Clematis montana ’var. rubens’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Clematis montana ’var. rubens’ (Powojnik montana ’var. rubens’)

    A vigorous climber, blooming profusely in May-June, pale pink flowers with a diameter of 5-7 cm and intense vanilla smell, purple leaves and shoots when young, then brown and green, grows to 6-10 m, 2-4 m per year. It belongs to a group of Montana.

    Cutting: none. Requirements: position in the sun - partial shade, requires no cutting, plant in covered spots. direction: southern, eastern, western

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, gates, screens, walls of houses, playgrounds for children

  • Large blue rose ’Blue Moon’

    2l - PLN13.90

    Large blue rose ’Blue Moon’  (Rosa ’Blue Moon’)

    General description: Variety of lilac, intensely fragrant flowers, which when unfolded reveal visible stamens, grows up to 1 meter. Low resistance to frost.

    Flowering: blooms at the beginning of May, repeats flowering,

    Flowers:  reach a size of up to 10 cm,

    Leaves: shiny, quite thick, medium-sized

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny stand, ordinary garden soil, fresh manure should not be used, because it can destroy the roots of the plant, little resistant to rain, a variety susceptible to fungal diseases.

  • Shrub Rose

    2l - PLN13.90

    Shrub Rose  (Rosa)

    General description: A beautiful rose with a unique, delicate fragrance, growing up to 60-80 cm, frost-resistant.

    Flowers: large, light-pink, radiant, embedded singly or collected in inflorescences,

    Flowering:  blooms from June to October

    Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety of rose is relatively easy to take care of; it does not like wet areas but prefers sunny places and light soils.

  • Clematis ’Nelly Moser’

    1l - PLN14.90
    2l - 19.90 zł

     (Clematis ’Nelly Moser’)

    It belongs to the early large-flowered group. Big, beautiful flowers, with a diameter of 16-20 cm, single, pale pink with a darker stripe in the middle, brown anthers. 
    Flowering time: May / June and August / September. 
    The plant grows to 2-3 m, suitable for northern, eastern and western directions.

    In the first winter, in late November / early December, the clematis should be cut to 30 cm. In subsequent years, it should be higher. Suitable for partially shaded spots.
    Cutting: weak, up to 150 cm above the ground.

  • Lonicera ’Henryi’

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Lonicera ’Henryi’ (Lonicera ’Henryi’)

    An evergreen climber, does not lose leaves in winter, decorates the garden throughout the year. Easy to grow, undemanding. A perrenial, twisting vine, growing to 3-4 m, 1 m per year, evergreen leaves, strikingly bright, blooms in June and July, pink flowers of approx. 2 cm, excellent plant for containers or smaller supports. Requirements: grows in any soil, position: sun or partial shade

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, columns, pillars, gates, walls of houses

  • Clematis ’Dr. Ruppel’

    1l - PLN14.90
    2l - 19.90 zł

    Clematis ’Dr. Ruppel’ 

    Definitely one of the best bicolour varieties! Big, beautiful flowers. Perfect for beginner clematis lovers. Flower size: 16 cm, Height: 2.5 m, annual growth of 1-2 m. Frost resistance: very good, Early flowering bastard. Suitable for buckets and pots. Resistant and not very sensitive.

    Direction: southern, eastern, western. Cutting: Dr Ruppel belongs to cut group 2, which means that a small cut between November and February is recommended, cutting shoots in half, reducing the plant to approximately 70-100 cm above the ground.

    A strong cut is suggested every 4-5 years to rejuvenate the clematis.

    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, columns, pillars, gates, screens, walls of houses, children, playground

  • ’Ramona’ climbing rose

    2l - PLN13.90

    ’Ramona’ climbing rose (Rosa ’Red Cherokee’)

    General description: Rose reaching up to 2.5 meters in height and 3 meters in width. Ramona climbing rose is an odorless variety.

    Flowers: Dark pink flowers with yellow stamens in the middle.

    Leaves:  dark green, shiny.

    Flowering: The rose blooms only once: in mid-June. The inflorescence persists to full summer.

    Requirements / Cultivation:   We plant this variety on sandy and loamy soils, in a sunny position, sheltered from the wind.

    Rose resistant to diseases.

  • Climbing Rose ’Alchymist’

    2l - PLN13.90

    Climbing Rose ‘Alchymist’ (Rosa ’Alchymist’)


    Is a shrub or large, deciduous, climber with rich green foliage and full, old style, rosette-shaped flowers with attractive orange, apricot and pink tones. This strongly fragrant rose blooms only once in the year during summer.

    Will reach a height of 6m and a spread of 3m.

    Very disease resistant.

    Best planted in moist but well-drained soil in a sheltered, sunny position trained to a wall or fence although this variety can tolerate poorer soils.

    Recommended to cover base of the plant for the winter.

    Suitable for growing up old trees. Beds, borders, wallside, trellises or flower arranging.

  • Climbing rose ’Indigoletta’

    2l - PLN13.90

    Climbing rose Indigoletta (Rosa ’Indigoletta’)

    Flowers: large, full, strongly fragrant with a spicy aroma.

    The colour of lilac-violet flowers depend on the soil acidity and position.

    Flowering: Blooms from June to autumn.

    It reaches 2- 3 m in height.

    Resistant to disease.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, moderately moist substrate, average garden soil, it is recommended to make a mound around the plant for the winter.

  • Rose groundcover pink

    2l - PLN13.90

    Rose groundcover pink (Rosa)

    General description: Variety with fine, light pink flowers, growing up to 60cm in height.

    Flowering: blooms from June to October, repeatedly flowering,

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, sandy loam soil,

    Cutting: The variety does not require annual trimming.

    It's enough to cut every two-three years.