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Cotoneaster horizontalis

  • Cotoneaster horizontalis (Wall spray)

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Cotoneaster horizontalis (Wall spray)


    Is a small deciduous and evergreen spreading shrub or small tree with tiny, white or white-pink flowers  and glossy dark green leaves which turn orange-red before they fall. The flowers bloom in June, are melliferous and are followed by bright red berries in October. They remain on the plant for the winter and make food for many birds.

    Grows up to a 1 m in height and 1.5 m width.

    The position must be sunny or lightly shaded and sheltered from the wind.

    Best grown in fertile, humus, well-drained, and moderately moist soil, but also tolerates any typical garden soil.

    Ideal as a groundcover, for rock gardens, on walls, slopes and borders.


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