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  • Rose Burgundy 2L


    Rose multiflora  (Rosa)


    This is one of the most valuable grandiflora varieties of dark red roses because of the beautiful rare type of flowers with a very intense and pleasant fragrance.


    Flowers appear in late June and bloom several times to late autumn.


    Hardy and disease resistant.


    Is easy to grow, requires moist garden soil or humus, grows well on a sun to partial shade.


    Recommended for individual planting, in a group with other roses varieties, or with low perennials.

  • Rose Landora 2L


    Rose multiflora ’Sunblest’

    Very unique hybrid tea grandiflora with a golden yellow, full, large flowers the size of 8-10 cm and medium to dark green, shiny leaves.  The flowers bloom from summer to autumn (June to October), retain colour for a long time and have very mild fragrance.

    Grows from 80cm to 1.30 m in height  and is good frost resistant.

    Plant in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in an open sunny position by planting 5-6 pieces per square meter.

    Pruning by removing old canes and dead or diseased wood and cut back canes that cross.

    It tolerates pruning well.

    We recommend to cover base of the plant for the winter.

    Can be used for beds and borders, cut flower or garden. 

  • Rose Qeen Elizabeth 2L


    Rose ’QUEEN ELIZABETH’ Grandiflora (Rosa’Queen Elizabeth’)


    Is one of the favourite beautiful pink grandiflora with moderate fragrance and dark green, glossy and leathery foliage. So outstanding that it is still around after 50 years of world-wide popularity. 

    Blooms from mid spring to mid fall. Grows to 70-150 cm.

    Plant in medium moisture, slightly acidic, well-drained garden soil in full sun although tolerates some  shade.

    Only regular pruning is required by removal of dead canes. This pruning could be done in the winter. Fertilize each spring.

    The bush is hardy and disease resistant. 

    Recommended to cover base of the plant for the winter.

    This rose grows well as a specimen, in small groups or as a hedge. Borders, cottage gardens, foundations or rose gardens.

  • Rose Chopin 2L


    Large rose ’Chopinv (Rosa ’Chopin’)

    General description: Polish rose variety with very large flowers (12-13 cm in diameter). Grows up to 1.5 m. It is one of the most valuable varieties of roses due to the beautiful white shade of flowers and a noticeable and pleasant smell.

    Flowering: Blooms for a long time - the first flowers appear already at the turn of May and June, and the last in November.

    Variety that is undemanding.

    It does not require any special care nor treatments. It is important, however, to prune it appropriately (it is recommended to cut the shoots thoroughly and remove the faded and overblown flowers).

    Requirements / Cultivation:  plant in a sunny position with moderately moist soil.  ‘Chopin Rose’ is completely resistant to frost. Ideal for planting individually as well as for discounts.

  • Rose Dame de Coeur 2L


    Large-flower rose ’Dame de Coeur’ (Rosa ’Dame de Coeur’)

    General description:  a vital variety with beautiful, strongly fragrant, intensely red flowers. This rose is wide at about 0.5-0.6 m in diameter, high at about 1 m.

    Flowers:  very large, full red flowers with a diameter of up to 13 cm.

    Flowering: Blossoms in the second half of June. Then the flowering repeats itself until late autumn.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  Prefers moderately moist garden or humus soil well sunlit.

    Variety resistant to diseases and freezing.

    The stems of the rose after flowering should be trimmed.

  • Rose Blue Moon 2L


    Large blue rose ’Blue Moon’  (Rosa ’Blue Moon’)

    General description: Variety of lilac, intensely fragrant flowers, which when unfolded reveal visible stamens, grows up to 1 meter. Low resistance to frost.

    Flowering: blooms at the beginning of May, repeats flowering,

    Flowers:  reach a size of up to 10 cm,

    Leaves: shiny, quite thick, medium-sized

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny stand, ordinary garden soil, fresh manure should not be used, because it can destroy the roots of the plant, little resistant to rain, a variety susceptible to fungal diseases.

  • Rose Bonica 2L


    Shrub Rose  (Rosa)

    General description: A beautiful rose with a unique, delicate fragrance, growing up to 60-80 cm, frost-resistant.

    Flowers: large, light-pink, radiant, embedded singly or collected in inflorescences,

    Flowering:  blooms from June to October

    Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety of rose is relatively easy to take care of; it does not like wet areas but prefers sunny places and light soils.

  • Rose Nina 2L


    Discount rose ’Nina’ (Rosa ’Nina’)

    It reaches a height of up to 6 m.

    Flowers:  a variety with blood-red flowers, medium size, 5-7 cm.

    Flowering: The first flowers appear already in June, the last in October.

    Roses of this variety are healthy, frost-resistant, with flowers not very susceptible to rain.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  Requires a sunny position with moderately moist soil.

    A wonderful garden rose, reliable, suitable for rebates and planting in groups.

  • Rose Kristallperle 2L


    ’Kristallperle’ discount rose (Rosa ’Kristallperle’)

    General description: Variety with white-cream flowers, grows up to 100 cm. Flowers full (about 30 petals). Rose with not strong intense fragrance.

    Flowering: blooms from June to October,

    Requirements / Cultivation:  plant between March and May, in a sunny position, sandy loam soil, requires fertilizing. A variety that does not require a pollinator. In autumn, you should prune the shoots to about 10 cm in length.

  • Rose Ramona 2L


    ’Ramona’ climbing rose (Rosa ’Red Cherokee’)

    General description: Rose reaching up to 2.5 meters in height and 3 meters in width. Ramona climbing rose is an odorless variety.

    Flowers: Dark pink flowers with yellow stamens in the middle.

    Leaves:  dark green, shiny.

    Flowering: The rose blooms only once: in mid-June. The inflorescence persists to full summer.

    Requirements / Cultivation:   We plant this variety on sandy and loamy soils, in a sunny position, sheltered from the wind.

    Rose resistant to diseases.

  • Rose Climbing Iceberg 2L


    Rose ’Climbing Iceberg’ (Rosa ’Climbing Iceberg’)

    Is a large, vigorous and almost thornless climbing shrub with glossy mid-green foliage and double pure white or creamy flowers. The flowers have light fragrant and 8cm in width, are produced repeatedly from summer to autumn.

    Best grown in full sun although tolerates partial shade, in rich, fertile, moist and well-drained soil.

    Will reach a height of 5m and a spread of 2.5m.

    It has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    Hardy and disease resistant.

    Light pruning  in late winter will encourage strong growth.

    it can easily be trained over an arch or pergola. It looks particularly attractive tumbling over a fence or trellis.

    Perfect for decorating the wall or fence, looks particularly attractive on trellis, arch or pergola. 

  • Rose Paul’s Scarlet 2L


    Rose ’Paul’s Scarlet Climber’  (Rosa ’Paul’s Scarlet Climber’)


    Is a vigorous, very free flowering climbing rose with double, rich scarlet flowers of light fragrance and semi-glossy dark green foliage and very few thorns. Flowers only once throughout the summer.

    Will reach a height and spread 3.5m.

    Frost resistant.

    Plant in moist but well-drained soil, sited in an open, sunny position. 

    Ideal for: walls, pergolas, trellises, fences, beds and borders, cottage gardens and scented gardens.

    It has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    Some parts of these flowers can be used in making syrups and the petals will add flavour to cold drinks or fruit dishes.

  • Rose Rosarium 2L


    Climbing Rose ’Rosarium’ (Rosa ‘Rosarium’)

    Is a vigorous, easy to grow and very attractive climbing rose with full, glossy rich pink flowers of a medium size and reddish at the beginning to green and glossy foliage later on.  Flowering period lasts from July-September.

    Will reach a height of 2-3m.

    Frost and disease resistant.

    Grows well in moist, well-drained garden soil on a full sun.

    Recommended for individual planting, the pillars or pyramids. 

  • Rose Golden Climber 2L


    Climbing Rose ’Golden Climber’ (Rosa ’Golden Climber’)


    Is a beautiful, and very popular climbing rose that produces beautiful bright golden-yellow flowers of strong fragrance and dark green, glossy foliage all summer into the autumn. Has long flowering period and occasionally repeats flowering later in the season.  

    Is a hardy and very easy to grow.

    Grows well in moist, well-drained garden soil on a full sun or partial shade.

    Climbing height of 2.5 to 3m.

    Perfect for covering walls, fences and garden arches or sheds.

  • Rose Cap Horn 2L


    Climbing rose ’Cap Horn’ (Rosa ’Cap horn’)

    General description: A climbing rose with large orange flowers. It grows on average up to 3-4 m in height and up to 1.5-2.5 m in width. Fragrance - medium intensity.

    Flowering: Blooms from mid-June to mid-July. Flowering repeats several times.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  Sunny or semi-shaded position. In the shade it blooms less but the flowers are more stained in orange. It prefers well-fertilized moist garden or humus soils. The plant is quite strong against diseases. For the winter it is advisable to build a mound the base of the shrubs and cover the shoots.

  • Rose Indigoletta 2L


    Climbing rose Indigoletta (Rosa ’Indigoletta’)

    Flowers: large, full, strongly fragrant with a spicy aroma.

    The colour of lilac-violet flowers depend on the soil acidity and position.

    Flowering: Blooms from June to autumn.

    It reaches 2- 3 m in height.

    Resistant to disease.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, moderately moist substrate, average garden soil, it is recommended to make a mound around the plant for the winter.

  • Rose Allgold 2L


    Róża rabatowa żółta ‘Allgold’

    Odmiana o nieblaknących żółtych kwiatach,

    Kwiaty średniej wielkości,

    Liście początkowo czerwone, później ciemnozielone, błyszczące,

    Kwitnie od czerwca do października,

    Dorasta do 70 cm,

    Odmiana odporna na mróz i choroby,


    Stanowisko słoneczne,

    Podłoże umiarkowanie wilgotne,

    Gleba ogrodowa,

    Odmiana nadająca się do cięcia.