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  • Laburnum anagyroides 1L


    Laburnum anagyroides

    It is the most spectacular ornamental plants in Europe due to the long, drooping  golden yellow flowers that appear in spring (April-June) and give the plant look as if dripping with gold (hence its name). The leaves are generally trifoliate and oval, resembling clover.

    Their fruits are in the form of seed pods and often mistaken for peapods.

    Reaches a height from 3 m to 5 m and a width of about 2 m.

    It is quite resistant to frost.

    Grows best on fresh, fertile, not too dry soil with a high content of calcium. Blooms abundantly in sunny positions.

    Ideal for home gardens or parks,  as a shrub, on pergolas, arches or borders.

    All parts of the plant (especially the fruits) are poisonous to humans and animals.


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