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  • Agrest biały ’Invicta’


    White gooseberry ’Invicta’ (Ribes uva-crispa ’Invicta’)

    General description: fast-growing, frost-resistant cultivar with a broad habitat. It grows to about 90-120 cm high.

    Flowering: blooms in April,

    Flowers: buds of average size, slightly protruding from the shoots.

    Fruit: the fruits are large, oval and have a yellow-green colour. The variety yields very abundantly. Gooseberry  bears fruit from mid-July.

    Requirements / Cultivation:   a sunny position, cultivation is also possible in the shade. The best soils are fertile, rich in humus. Frost-resistant variety.

  • Gooseberry white ’Triumph’


    Gooseberry white ’Triumph’ (Ribes uva-crispa ’Triumph’)


    Very fertile variety.
    The fruits are large, little sour and sweet, great for
    eating straight from the bush and for cooking, baking and making jams or jellies.
    Fruits ripen in mid-July.


    The great advantage of gooseberry ’Invicta’ is a high resistance to frost and disease.


    Shrub reaches up to 1.5 m, blooms in April.
    Gooseberries are planted in a sunny place.

  • Agrest biały ’Hinnonmaki Green’


    Gooseberry white ’Hinnonmaki Green’ (Ribes uva-crispa ’Hinnonmaki Green’)

    General description: Shrub fruit in theform of piennej. The variety allowingfor each year. To be applied on thePolish climatic conditions. Gooseberryworks as a product przetworowy, freshdesserts and in the form of frozen food. 

    Fruits: fruits with green, arecharacterized by small hairs on theirsurfaces. 

    Puberty flowering: blooms from Aprilto may, fruits ripen from mid-JulyCrop position: Requires the positionof the Sun on the soil fertile, moist witha slightly sour.

  • Red Gooseberry ’Hinnonmaki rot’


    Red Gooseberry ’Hinnonmaki rot’ (Ribesuva-crisa ’Hinnonmaki rot’)

    General description: very fertile variety, very easy to grow, shrub reaches from 1 to 1.5 meters high, plant resistant to frost and disease,

    Fruit: medium-sized, tasty and sweet and sour, suitable for eating straight from the bush as well as for preserves,

    Maturation: early - in the first half of July

    Requirements / Cultivation:  plant in a sunny place, in fertile soil rich in humus, yields best fruit on short shoots.