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  • Fruit ripening: September
  • American Blueberry Bilberry ’Darrow’

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    2l - 16.90 zł

    American Blueberry Bilberry ’Darrow’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Darrow’)

    General description: Blueberry species with very strong growth and late, heavy fruiting.

    Bushes grows up to 130-180 cm in height.

    Fruit: The fruits ripen from mid-August to the beginning of September. They are very large and tasty with a sweet-wine taste.

    The advantage of this variety is high fertility.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  Position sunlit, sheltered from the wind. Soil should be permeable, light, fertile with pH 3.5-4, slightly moist. Blueberry (bilberry) variety moderately resistant to frost. Variety recommended for direct consumption, for freezing and for preserves.

  • Vaccinium corymbosum ’Nelson’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Vaccinium corymbosum ’Nelson’


    Variation of the commendable becauseof the late date, resilience and goodquality fruit. 

    Reaches 1. 3-1. 6 m in height. 

    The fruits ripen in August and earlySeptember. 

    The berries are relatively large, quitehard, aligned size, taste sweet, aromatic. 

    . Mature fruits long remain on thebushes do not fall off. 

    We plant solar positions topółcienistych, sheltered from the wind. 

    Soil próchniczna, light, permeable, acidic (pH 3. 5-4) and moist. 

    Semi-sweet variety is recommendedalso for freezing, in addition to thecakes and jams. 

    Frost resistance:-25 ° c.

  • Blueberry Bilberry ’Bluegold’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Blueberry Bilberry ’Bluegold’  (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Bluegold’)

    General description: Blueberry American Bluegold is moderately late fruiting (first half of August), very fertile variety, fully frost-resistant (up to -34 °C); characterized by dense shoots reaching even 100 cm in height, spherical form.

    Fruit: medium large, light blue, tasty and sweet. Yields up to 6 kg from one bush, fruits are specifically for dessert use.

    Maturing: August

    Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety is the easiest to grow, the least demanding; likes permeable, fertile, light soil with an acid reaction.

  • Blueberry Bilberry ’Denise Blue’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Blueberry Bilberry ’Denise Blue’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Denise Blue’)

    A variation of Australian origin.

    General description: The shrub is characterized by a compact structure and reaches a height of 150-180 cm. Easy to grow, ideal for amateur growing. Blueberry should be planted at intervals of 1.5 - 2.5 meters.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  A self-pollinating variety, however, to improve yield, it is recommended to plant it in groups. Requires light and humus soil, acidic pH 3.8 - 4.8 pH., and sunlit and warm positions. Variety resistant to frost (-34 °C), and resistant to anthracnose and fungal diseases. Very good blueberry for planting on plantations.

    Fruit: fruits are blue, sweet, but slightly sour. The length of the fruit is 1.4 cm, the diameter is 1.9 cm, the weight of the fruit is about 1.8 g. A very fertile variety, from one shrub can be harvested even up to 8 kg of fruit.

  • Blueberry Bilberry ’Elliot’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Blueberry Bilberry ’Elliot’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Elliot’)

    General description: Late ripening variety with medium-sized fruit. The fruit has a sweet-wine taste. Fruit flesh is white in colour. It is recommended to plant seedlings at a distance of 1.5m from each other. The shrub has a compact structure and grows quite intensively.

    Fruit: light blue, covered with a dark, gray wax coating.

    Maturation / Flowering: bears fruit from the end of August, almost until the end of September.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  A sunny place, sheltered from the wind. Requires acidic, light, well-drained and moist soil.

  • American Bilberry ’Pink Lemonade’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    American Bilberry ’Pink Lemonade’ (Vaccinium corymbosum ’Pink Lemonade’)

    Is much sweeter than most blueberries and with a firm, pleasant texture. It’s fruits are pink and excellent for eating or in a variety of dishes. The harvest will continue on into fall. Will grow to up to 150 cm in height with an identical spread.

    The plant produces showy pink flowers in spring and gold and orange foliage in fall.

    First, the fruits are light green during vegetation, then light pink, and finally they mature to a deep pink colour. Ripens in late July to early August. Self-pollinating.

    It is suitable for planting as an ornamental fruit plant in a mixed bed or mixed border.

  • Borówka brusznica - jagoda leśna

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    Borówka brusznica - jagoda leśna
    (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

    osiąga wysokość do ok 30 cm,

    odporna na mróz i choroby,


    pierwsze dojrzewanie w sierpniu, kolejne w październiku,

    owocuje w 2-3 roku od posadzenia,

    nadają się na przetwory jak

    i do konsumpcji bezpośredniej,


    gleba żyzna, przepuszczalna o odczynie kwaśnym,

    nie wymaga przycinania.