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Schizandra chinensis

Schizandra chinensis 1L

Price zł21.99

Schizandra chinensis  (Schisandra chinensis) The greatest novelty among all our climbing plants! Fruit of 5 flavors with a sweet peel, sour pulp, bitter and sour seeds, salty seed powder. Fruit mostly used for juice or dried. Specification: a creeper twisting around supports. It grows up to ...

Schizandra chinensis

Chinese Magnolia-Vine Sadova No1 1L

Price zł25.99

The Chinese magnolia-vine produces berries, commonly called the five-flavour-fruit, that are rich in vit. E and Fe, K, Mg as well as many other micronutrients. They are used in cooking and herbal medicine. It's a beautiful garden decoration, grows up to 10 m tall, and is suitable both for ...