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Thornless Blackberry

Blackberry Black Satin 1L

Price zł19.99

The Black Satin blackberry fruits abundantly from August until October. Its berries are large, juicy, tasty, and healthy. It’s frost and disease resistant, reaches 3-5 m in height and sprawls quickly. Black Satin is thornless, which is an added advantage. Its fruit are great for direct ...

Thornless Blackberry

Blackberry thornless Black Butte 2L

Price zł26.99

‘Black satin’ thornless blackberry  (Rubus fruticosus ’Black satin’) A frost-resistant shrub that is worth considering. It fruits profusely, its fruit is tasty, healthy, juicy and large. It fruits from August until October. The shrub is resistant to frost and diseases. It reaches the height ...

Thornless Blackberry

Loganberry 1L

Price zł20.99

The loganberry is a hybrid of the North American blackberry and the European raspberry. As is usually the case with hybrids, this cultivar has the best traits of the two species. It inherited large, elongated, maroon-red fruit from the raspberry, and up to 4 m long, slender shoots from the ...