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Strawberry-raspberry 1L

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The strawberry-raspberry (Rubus illecebrosus Focke), also known as the Japanese raspberry, is a small shrub that reaches 60 cm in height. It exhibits beautiful, eye-catching white flowers, lovely, fresh-green leaves and bears large, intensely red fruit. Grown in a sufficiently large ...


Yellow Raspberry Golden Queen 1L

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Yellow raspberries are gaining popularity due to their golden-yellow, sweet, tasty fruit. The Golden Queen cultivar is highly praised by growers thanks to its double cropping and lower susceptibility to pest attacks than other yellow cultivars.


Black Raspberry Black Jewel 1L

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The Black Jewel raspberry is a cultivar that bears very delicious, large, black fruit. It’s one of the most frost and disease resistant raspberries, especially immune to canker.

Raspberry 3x1L
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Raspberry 3x1L

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autumn red raspberry  (Rubusidaeus autumn)Rubus idaeus ‘autumn’ The oldest Polish variety, very fruitful. Blossoms in May. Its fruit is large, red and very sweet. It can be eaten straight from the shrub or preserved as juices or jams. This variety fruits on 2-year shoots at the end of June ...