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  • Blackcurrant ’Titania’

    1l - PLN13.90
    2l - 18.90 zł

    Blackcurrant ’Titania’ (Ribes nigrum ’Titania’)


    Currant is one of the most popular fruit bushes – shouldn’t be missed in any garden!

    This variety is very fertile. Fruits  ripen in the second half of July.


    The taste of the fruits is sweet, they are perfect to eat

    straight from the bush and for the processed products like juices, jams.

    Blooms in April / May.


    Titania grows best on sunny or semi-shaded places.

  • Jostaberry

    1l - PLN15.90
    2l - 20.90 zł

    Jostaberry (Ribes × nidigrolaria )

    General description: no spike-bearing shrub growing up to 1.5 m, you can collect up to 6 kg of fruit from a well-groomed fruit tree.

    Flowering:  blooms in April / May,

    Fruit: tasty, sweet, ripens in July / August

    Requirements / Cultivation:  an undemanding plant, resistant to frost and pests;

    prefers a sunny position; fertile, slightly acid soils, branches can be cut.

  • Porzeczka czerwona ’Rovada’

    1l - PLN13.90
    2l - 18.90 zł

    Porzeczka czerwona ‚Rovada’

    (Ribes rubrum ’Rovada’)

    długowieczny krzew owocujacy, dorastajacy do 1,8 m wysokosci,

    odmiana deserowa, kwitnie w kwietniu,

    owoce zebrane w duze grona, smaczne,

    bogate w witaminy,

    dojrzewaja na przełomie lipca i sierpnia


    stanowisko słoneczne, p:ół cieniste,

    odmiana odporna na choroby i mróz

    zalecane ciecie sanitarne w 4 roku po posadzeniu

    gleba zyzna, Lekko kwasna,