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  • Serviceberry

    1l - PLN10.90
    2l - 15.90 zł

    Serviceberry  (Amelanchier lamarckii)

    A recommended fruit shrub that grows up to 3 m. Frostproof (down to -40°C), resistant to pests and diseases.

    Position in the sun / partial shade. Aromatic, tasty, sweet fruit ripening in July / August, taste similar to blueberries. It is suitable for liqueurs, juices, preserves and raw consumption. Bears fruit every year, begins fruiting 2-3 years after planting. Beautifully blooms in April.

    It is worth having in your garden because it is easy to grow and gives delicious blueberry fruitotherwise known as Canadian blueberries.

    Application: hedges, parks, gardens, plantations

  • Canadian serviceberry

    1l - PLN10.90
    2l - 15.90 zł

    Canadian serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis)

    General description: fruiting and, decorative shrub, growing up to 3 m high,

    Flowering: in April / May,

    Fruit: tasty, sweet, spherical, in shades of purple; suitable for direct consumption, but also for preserves,

    Maturing: in June / July

    Requirements / Cultivation:   prefers sunny positions, this variety is resistant to frost and pests, no major soil requirements.

  • Amelanchier Olliolistna ’Smoky’

    1l - PLN17.90
    2l - 22.90 zł

    Amelanchier Olliolistna ’Smoky’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Smoky’)

    General description:  the variety is most often grown on plantations. The shrub reaches up to 4.5 m in height and up to 6 m in diameter.

    Fruit:  This variety gives birth to blue-black fruits up to 1.4 cm in diameter. The fruits ripen quite unevenly. A variety with the sweetest fruits and the highest ratio of sugar to acids. The most fertile variety (one can harvest up to 7.5 kg of fruit per plant).

    Flowering:  blooms medium late, which makes it resistant to spring frost.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  You can plant a seedling at any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

  • Amelanchier Amblylander ’Northline’

    1l - PLN17.90
    2l - 22.90 zł

    Amelanchier Amblylander ’Northline’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Northline’)

    General description:  It grows up to 4 m in height and 6 m in diameter. Variety is very fertile.

    Fruit:  an exceptionally large variety, ovate in shape, firm fruit which are up to 1.6 cm in diameter (on average 1.24 cm).

    Maturing:  the fruits ripen relatively evenly, sweet and very tasty.

    It has a tendency to alternate fruiting (it usually gives more fruit every second year).

    Requirements / Cultivation:  this variety can be planted in any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

  • Świdośliwa olcholistna ’Martin’

    1l - PLN17.90
    2l - 22.90 zł

    Amelanchier cryptic alder ’Martin’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Martin’)

    Early variety selected in Canada.

    General description: The shrub grows up to a height of 3 m and a width of 2 m.

    Fruit:  the fruits ripen early, with a great taste.

    The fruits after ripening are purple-black, covered with a wax coating, which makes them appear dark blue.

    It yields medium abundance.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  This variety can be planted in any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

  • Amelanchier ’Honeywood’

    1l - PLN17.90
    2l - 22.90 zł

    Amelanchier ’Honeywood’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Honeywood’)

    General description: This variety can reach 4 meters in width and 5 meters in height.

    Fruit: The fruits ripen relatively evenly. The fruits are large (up to 1.6 cm) and very tasty - similar to the taste of blueberries. Fruit harvest from mid-June to the end of July.

    The fruiting period can be up to 30 years. Honeywood is a very fertile variety. However, it has a tendency to alternate fruiting (every other year).

    The first fruits can be harvested 2-4 years after planting, and full fruiting is obtained after 6-7 years.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  this shrub adapts very well to different environmental conditions. The plant is resistant to diseases and pests. It will easily survive the temperature of -30 degrees. In 6-8 years after planting, a strong cutting should be made to remove the damaged branches and stimulate the plant to fruit.

  • Amelanchier amygdala ’Thiessen’

    1l - PLN17.90
    2l - 22.90 zł

    Amelanchier amygdala ’Thiessen’ (Amelanchier alnifolia ’Thiessen’)

    General description:  A shrub that grows strongly, up to a height of 5 m.

    Long-lived variety - 70 years and more.

    ‘Thiessen’ is a fertile variety, flowering and ripening earlier than others.

    Fruit:  very large fruit, up to 17 mm in diameter, almost spherical, juicy, with a sweet taste.

    Requirements / Cultivation:  A variety preferred by amateurs.

    Can be planted in any position. However, it prefers sunny or semi-shaded places.

  • Prickly ovoid

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Prickly ovoid (Amelanchier ovalis)

    General description: belongs to the family of ‘Rosaceae’, long-lived fruiting shrub growing up to 2m in height, having thin branches without thorns.

    Flowering:  blooms in April / May,

    Flowers / Leaves / Fruit: white with five petals / ovate, rounded / tasty, sweet,

    Maturation: in June,

    Requirements / Cultivation:  humus soil, sandy loam, slightly acidic, semi-shaded and shaded.