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Fruit ripening

Fruit ripening

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Vaccinium macrocarpon

  • Bearberry Pilgrim 1L


    Bearberry ’Pilgrim’ (Vaccinium macrocarpon ’Pilgrim’)

    Creeping plant from  Ericaceae family.
    Bears fruit abundantly on fructiferous shoots. Fruits are large, red, medicinal and delicious.

    Requirements: acidic , preferably moist soil, shady or sunny place. It is important to check whether ground is dry because the plant likes wet places.


    Plant bear fruits after 3-4 years.

    Easy to grow, resistant to frost and diseases

    It should be planted every 30 cm because of easily rooting.

    Recommended for rock gardens, ponds, under calcifuge plants.

    Blooms in July and fruits ripen in October.
    Cranberries have a lot of healthy and dietary values.

    Fruit can be used to make juices, liqueurs, cocktails,

    Jams or jellies, can also be used as a dried spice in the kitchen.

    Fruits treat Tonsillitis, colds and flu - they strengthen the immune system, prevent  inflammation of the urinary tract, provide antioxidants and help with facilitate digestion.