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  • Rose multiflora

    2l - PLN13.90

    Rose multiflora  (Rosa)


    This is one of the most valuable grandiflora varieties of dark red roses because of the beautiful rare type of flowers with a very intense and pleasant fragrance.


    Flowers appear in late June and bloom several times to late autumn.


    Hardy and disease resistant.


    Is easy to grow, requires moist garden soil or humus, grows well on a sun to partial shade.


    Recommended for individual planting, in a group with other roses varieties, or with low perennials.

  • Rose ’QUEEN ELIZABETH’ Grandiflora

    2l - PLN13.90

    Rose ’QUEEN ELIZABETH’ Grandiflora (Rosa’Queen Elizabeth’)


    Is one of the favourite beautiful pink grandiflora with moderate fragrance and dark green, glossy and leathery foliage. So outstanding that it is still around after 50 years of world-wide popularity. 

    Blooms from mid spring to mid fall. Grows to 70-150 cm.

    Plant in medium moisture, slightly acidic, well-drained garden soil in full sun although tolerates some  shade.

    Only regular pruning is required by removal of dead canes. This pruning could be done in the winter. Fertilize each spring.

    The bush is hardy and disease resistant. 

    Recommended to cover base of the plant for the winter.

    This rose grows well as a specimen, in small groups or as a hedge. Borders, cottage gardens, foundations or rose gardens.

  • Virginia Creeper ’Murorum’

    1l - PLN9.90
    2l - 14.90 zł

    Virginia Creeper ’Murorum’  (Parthenocissus quinquefolia ’Murorum’ )

    A popular climber, vigorous, can attach firmly to a wall thanks to special roots.

    It tolerates pollution, therefore is ideally suited to urban, even dry conditions. A creeper which thanks to its roots and leaves tails climbs walls, fences, pergolas well. It grows up to 15 m, annual growth is 1-2 m. Inconspicuous flowers, complex, five-fingered, dark, leaves that are red in autumn. There are no specific requirements for soil and position. Frostproof.

  • Japanese quince

    1l - PLN10.69
    2l - 15.69 zł

    Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica)

    A very healthy and decorative shrub with healthy fruit that is worth planting in your garden.

    A perrenial shrub that grows up to 1 m, expansive. Frostproof, drought resistant, no requirements for soil, sunny position / partial shade. Its main advantage is its edible, fragrant fruit, suitable for tea, tinctures, jams that mature in October. Hard and sour, it contains a lot of vitamin C, pectin, organic acids and mineral salts.

    Early spring (March/April) it is decorated with lots of beautiful flowers. Seedling is about 10 cm.

  • Kiwi Berry ’Issai’ bisexual

    1l - PLN10.90
    2l - 15.90 zł

     Kiwi Berry androgynous ’Issai’ (Actinidia arguta ’Issai’)

    Kiwi Berry Actinidia Issai Bisexual variety of kiwi!

    Its green, juicy fruit has not only therapeutic uses, but also benefits a healthy diet. 
    Issai is a perennial, twisting, 
    strong (reaching up to several meters), ornamental vine that also fruits, 
    it can withstand temepratures of even -30°C, does not require protection, it is frostproof throughout Poland.

    Its maximum height is 4 m, and an annual increase amounts to 1-2 m. Its stems climb, so it needs support. In May/June the creeper is decorated with tiny two-inch, white, decorative flowers. 
    fruit: exceptionally tasty and healthy, the plant bears fruit 3-4 years after planting, about a dozen kilograms of fruit from one bush, also for preserves, high content of vitamins C, E, B
    maturation: mid September
    cultivation: position in the sun, planted in an espalier or by a wall every 1 m,
    bisexual variation - does not require a pollinator, cutting is not necessary
    Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns

    You should buy at least two plants of this variety to ensure polination.

  • Red Raspberry ‘Polana’

    1l - PLN11.90
    2l - 16.90 zł

    ‘Polana’ red raspberry  (Rubusidaeus ‘Polana’)
    Rubus idaeus ‘Polana’

    The oldest Polish variety, very fruitful. Blossoms in May. 
    Its fruit is large, red and very sweet. 
    It can be eaten straight from the shrub or preserved as juices or jams. 

    This variety fruits on 2-year shoots at the end of June and the beginning of 
    July and on 1-year shoots in September. 
    The plant reaches the height of up to 1.5 metre. 

    Polana grows best in sunny and partially shaded spots.

  • Aristolochia macrophylla

    1l - PLN14.90
    2l - 19.90 zł

    Kokornak wielkolistny 
    (Aristolochia macrophylla)

    silnie rosnące,

    wijące się wokół podpór pnącze,

    dorasta do 6-8 m,

    o olbrzymich, ozdobnych sercowatych liściach


    lubi gleby wilgotne,

    dobrze znosi półcień i cień,

    nie wymaga szczególnej opieki

  • Pigwa pospolita 'Wolgogradskaja Miagkoplodnaja'

    1l - PLN26.90
    2l - 31.90 zł

    Pigwa pospolita 'Wolgogradskaja Miagkoplodnaja'

    łac. Cydonia oblonga 

    Ukraińska odmiana pigwy, uważana za jedną z najlepszych

    odmian o jadalnych, surowych owocach

    osiąga do 5 m wysokości, wzrost sadzonek silny,

    owoce posiadają gruszkowaty kształt, miąższ miękki,

    smaczny i soczysty, kwitnie w połowie maja,

    a dojrzewa – w drugiej połowie września,

    dokonała na przetwory, soki,


    preferuje miejsca ciepłe, nasłonecznione i bez przeciągów

    gleba dość żyzna, przepuszczalna, stale wilgotna.

  • Pigwa pospolita 'Vranja'

    1l - PLN26.90
    2l - 31.90 zł

    Pigwa pospolita 'Vranja'

    łac. Cydonia oblonga 

    Serbska odmiana pigwy,

    charakteryzuje się średnią siłą wzrostu,

    osiąga do 5 m wysokości,

    owoce żółte, bardzo duże, w kształcie gruszki,

    o wspaniałym aromacie,

    kwitnie w połowie maja,

    a dojrzewa – w drugiej połowie września,

    owoce idealnie nadają się do przetworów, soków.


    preferuje miejsca ciepłe, nasłonecznione i bez przeciągów,

    gleby zalewowe, o lekko kwaśnym odczynie,

    odmiana mrozoodporna.

  • Pigwa pospolita 'Leskovac'

    1l - PLN26.90
    2l - 31.90 zł

    Pigwa pospolita 'Leskovac'

    łac. Cydonia oblonga 

    Serbska odmiana, o krzaczastym pokroju,

    osiąga od 3 do 7 m wysokości,

    owoc żółty, duży, w kształcie jabłka,

    miąższ słodki i aromatyczny,

    dojrzewają na przełomie września i października,

    owocuje obficie i regularnie.


    preferuje miejsca ciepłe,

    nasłonecznione i bez przeciągów,

    gleby zalewowe, o lekko kwaśnym odczynie,

    odmiana mrozoodporna.