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  • Fruit ripening: August

Jostaberry 1L

Price zł19.99

The Jostaberry is a thornless cultivar that reaches 1.5 in height. If it’s well cared for, as much as 6 kg of fruit can be harvested annually. Its fruit are a combination of the blackcurrant aromas with the sour, succulent gooseberry tang. It hybrid can be grown in large containers.


Jostaberry 2L

Price zł27.99

Jostaberry (Ribes × nidigrolaria ) General description: no spike-bearing shrub growing up to 1.5 m, you can collect up to 6 kg of fruit from a well-groomed fruit tree. Flowering:  blooms in April / May, Fruit: tasty, sweet, ripens in July / August Requirements / Cultivation:  an undemanding ...