Clematis 'Mazury  ’    
 Named for a region in

Clematis ’Mazury’

Clematis 'Mazury

Named for a region in northeastern Poland also called Clematis Crater Lake

Won many prestigious awards such as: silver medal at Green is Life 2006 (Warsaw, Poland); silver medal at Plantarium 2010 (Holland); golden medal at Flowers-Expo 2013 in Moscow (Russia).

Is a deciduous, perennial climber with dark green leaves and large, double, blue to violet-blue flowers and cream anthers that blossoms from the end of June to September.

It grows up to 2-3 m. Requires support such as trellis or fence.

Best grown in a fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Roots and base should be shaded.

Pruning should be done in early spring before new growth by cutting back last year’s stems to a strong buds about 20 cm above soil level.

Excellent for growing up trellises, fences, porches, stakes, can also be left to climb up natural supports.

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