Italian clematis ’Fay’  (Clematis viticella

Italian clematis ’Fay’

Italian clematis ’Fay’  (Clematis viticella ’Fay’)

General description: beautiful, long-blooming clematis variety, frost-resistant, growing up to 2 meters high, easy to grow variety; it is worth planting it right next to the paths,

Flowers: pale pink, bell-shaped, about 3 cm in diameter

Flowering: from June to October

Requirements / Cultivation:  prefers a sunny position, it should be planted with fertile soil below; in early spring old shoots should be removed, and cut the newer shoots; works well in growing on lower walls, pergolas, trellises, fences, gazebos, as well as in containers for balconies and terraces

Price: PLN14.90
Seedling in a container