Clematis ’Bill McKenzie’ (Clematis Tangutica

Clematis ’Bill McKenzie’

Clematis ’Bill McKenzie’ (Clematis Tangutica ’Bill McKenzie’)

A rapidly growing variety. Perfect for beginner clematis lovers. 
Twists around supports.
Vigorous - grows up to 3.5-4.5 m.

Yellow, large, fluffy flowers, decorative inflorescences.
Position in the sun or partial shade. Does not like acid nor dry soil. 
Resistant and exceptionally undemanding.
Flower size: 4-6 cm
Height: 3.5-4.5 m Frost resistance: very good
Blooms: VII–X, a very attractive decoration of gardens!
Tangutica Group.

Cutting: cut in November/December down to 20-30 cm above the ground, as this clematis grows only on young shoots. Such rejuvenation is necessary because it makes Bill McKenzie bloom vigourosly!
The seedling is about 35 cm.

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Seedling in a container
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