Complaints and Returns

• In the interests of the condition and quality of our seedlings, we constantly monitor their development. The Nursery is also under the control of the State Plant and Seed Inspection (PIORIN) Registration number: PL-22/13/31.

• We guarantee that the seedlings that are shipped are of good quality, healthy and have a well-developed root system. Over the years, we have developed a plant-safe system for packing and securing shipments, also providing them, especially in the summer, with appropriate watering for transport.

• Your satisfaction is our priority, so we try to solve all reported problems within 48 hours. In special cases, it may take us up to 5 business days.

• We consider each application with due diligence, you can count on an objective and fair decision with comprehensive explanations.

• If we accept your complaint, we will offer a shipment of the plants at our expense, a return for purchases or another convenient form of compensation.

Problems with shipment / seedling.

If the shipment was held by the carrier, it arrived damaged, or if you noticed any damage to the seedlings after unpacking the package, please report this fact to us within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. For your convenience and for the sake of the plants, please do not return the plants. Instead, take clear photos of the shipment or the plants in question (showing both the entire seedling and close-ups of the problem parts). We accept applications at the following address:

The problem after planting.

The condition for obtaining the guarantee is planting and caring for the plant in accordance with the art of gardening. Here, as in the case of problems with the shipment, we will ask for photos of the plant (for ease of use, preferably with the plant label you receive with the seedling) and a description of the problem to the following address:

I forgot to pick up my order

It happens to the best ;-) You must know that the unclaimed parcel returns to the Nursery longer (carriers are not in a hurry with returns) so the plants may not survive the long journey. They can come back damaged, dry or dead. When the order is returned to us, both the package and its contents will be photographed. The seedlings can be watered and repackaged, and after payment for shipping, we can send them again. We can also consider a refund for purchases, but in this case we have the right to reduce the amount of the refund by the value of the damaged seedlings. Just stay in touch and we'll find the best possible solution.

Warranty period has expired - can I get help?

Sure! Contact us via a convenient communication channel - phone, e-mail, messenger and even a letter as you prefer. We will try to diagnose the problem and help.


Please remember that we send live plants to you, so please collect the parcel as soon as possible. Failure to collect the parcel within 24 hours, postponing the delivery date on your own - these are activities that negatively affect the condition of the plants. In the event of a complaint procedure, they will be taken into account.

In special cases, in the complaint procedure, we may ask you to return the complete order at our expense. In this case, you do not send the plants yourself! You will receive from us instructions on how to properly prepare the plants for shipment, and we will have the shipment picked up by a courier. After receiving the parcel, we take photos of both the package and the contents of the parcel and attach it to the documentation of the complaint procedure. You can count on full transparency of the process.


You can cancel your order and get a refund only if it has not been shipped yet. After shipment, you are not entitled to return the order. It does not limit your right to the complaint procedure.

As a rule, in purchases over the Internet, the Consumer is entitled to a 14-day withdrawal period from a distance contract, counted from the moment the item is delivered (Act on consumer rights, Chapter 4 Right to withdraw from the contract, Article 27). The limitation of this right in the case of the purchase of plants is presented in Art. 38: "The right to withdraw from a contract concluded outside the business premises or at a distance is not available to the consumer in relation to contracts: (...) 4) in which the subject of the service is an item that deteriorates quickly or has a short shelf life"