Jostaberry 1L

Ribes nidigrolaria Josta

General description :

The Jostaberry is a thornless cultivar that reaches 1.5 in height. If it’s well cared for, as much as 6 kg of fruit can be harvested annually. Its fruit are a combination of the blackcurrant aromas with the sour, succulent gooseberry tang. It hybrid can be grown in large containers.

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General description

General description: The jostaberry is a popular blackcurrant and gooseberry hybrid, created by the German culturalist R. Bauer. This cultivar was released on the marked in 1977. Jostaberry is a complex hybrid shrub, a cross between the genus Ribes, comprising three original species: the blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum), the North American coastal black gooseberry (Ribes divaricatum), and the European gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa).


Flowers: The jostaberry has fine flowers that form small clusters.


Blooming: This shrub blooms relatively late, at the turn of April and May. Thank to this, its flowers are not susceptible to harsh spring frosts.


Leaves: Jostaberry leaves are three to five-lobed, with jagged edges, very similar to that of gooseberries but with the characteristic smell of blackcurrant leaves.


Fruit: Jostaberry’s fruit are large, like gooseberries, up to 2.5 cm in size. They grow in clusters, have a smooth skin and a reddish-black colour. Their flesh is greenish inside and very juicy and deliciously sweet. They ae great for eating straight off the bush, or for making into preserves and jellies. Jostaberry’s fruit are a rich source of vitamins, mineral salts, pectins.


Ripening: Berries ripen at the turn of July and August.


Cultivation requirements: This is an undemanding plant, resistant to frosts and pests. Similar to blackcurrant and gooseberry shrubs, it prefers sunny locations with fertile and slightly acidic and moist soils. It will also cope with poorer soil, however will then yield less fruit. When planted in the garden, shrubs should be spaced some 1.5-2 m apart. This variety can be grown in large containers, on a terrace or balcony.


Care: Jostaberry seedlings do not require pruning. In the first year after planting, it should be trimmed to remove any damaged or withered stems. Every few years the shrub should be rejuvenated by cutting off the oldest stems. The jostaberry likes mulching, for example with bark, sawdust, compost.


Overwintering: This variety does well in temperate climates. It withstands temperatures of down to -29°C but covering young seedlings for the winter is recommended.


Origin: Germany.

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published 11/07/2021

Bardzo ładna sadzonka :) zobaczymy za rok :)

published 14/05/2021

bardzo dokładnie zabezpieczone sadzonki, nic się nie połamało, bardzo fajne jakościowo, dorodne sadzonki, polecam

published 22/04/2021

duża piękna sadzonka a były w zasadzie dwie i dało się rozdzielić , przyjęły się - dziękuję

published 16/04/2021

Zdecydowanie polecam - sadzonki dobrze zabezpieczone, zdrowe i błyskawicznie dostarczone.

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