Chinese wisteria ’Amethyst’ (Wisteria sinensis

Chinese wisteria ’Amethyst’

Chinese wisteria ’Amethyst’ (Wisteria sinensis ’Amethyst’)

General description: Climber plant with woody stems and strong growth, grows up to several meters. It spreads thanks to the wrapping of the sprouts around the nearest supports.

Inflorescences of the Amethyst variety have the form of hanging dense bunches up to 25 cm, in the darkest color they are violet-purple.

Blooms in early May as one of the first varieties. It can then repeat the flowering again in August.

The fruit of wisteria, as in all wisteria of the legume family, is the pod, which is also very decorative; the pod remains on the creeper throughout the winter and reaches a length of up to 15 cm.

Requirements / Cultivation:  Wisteria should be planted in sunny and sheltered positions. Requires solid supports or pergolas.

Soil: moderately fertile and moderately moist.

Price: PLN15.90
Seedling in a container