Goji berry  ’Chinese wolfberry’ (Lycium

Goji berry ’Chinese wolfberry’

Goji berry  ’Chinese wolfberry’ (Lycium chinense)

Chinese wolfberry (goji berry) is a shrub which grows up to 1 m and bears the most valuable fruit in the world. fruit: Sweet, bright orange fruit of the length of approx. 1 cm, medicinal properties, contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins C, B1, B2, E, minerals, beta-carotene, antioxidants, maturation: October. Fruit should not be pulled away from the bush, but gently shaken off cultivation: position in the sun or partial shade, permeable soil, frostproof shrub, drought resistant

Application: decorative and for consumption in a herbal tea, dried fruit, rejuvenates the body and the bodys cells, increases strength, supports the immune system, improves the appearance of the skin, sight, regulates the level of fat, supports the lowering of blood sugar, maintains normal blood pressure, delays the effects of aging due to polysaccharides, prevents hair greying and hair loss, complete source of protein, improves vitality, has a slimming effect, strengthens joints and bones

The Chinese believe that eating goji berries prolongs life!

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