Grapevine ’Iza Zaliwska’  (Vitis ’Iza Zaliwska’)

Grapevine ’Iza Zaliwska’

Grapevine ’Iza Zaliwska’  (Vitis ’Iza Zaliwska’)

Iza Zaliwska is a dessert and garden variety.

Fructifies generously and regularly in early mid-August.
rich ,strawberry flavour.
One of the most popular varieties, recommended for the ground.
soft skin ,easily separating from the flesh.
grows strong,
very resistant to frost and fungal diseases,
very fertile grapevines,
medium –sized leaves,
medium-sized clusters( 180g ), conical, medium tight.

Variety has no special requirements for cutting, although the best cut is 6 to 8 buds on a stem.


All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds 

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