Grapevine ’Refren’  (Vitis ’Refren’)  

Grapevine ’Refren’

Grapevine ’Refren’  (Vitis ’Refren’)

Dessert variety, good for wine production.
Originating from Hungary and is an interspecies crossbreed with a neutral flavour,
Fructifiesat the end of September.
Fertile variety.
grows fast,
resistant to frost and to fungal diseases.
medium- sized, dark green leaves
medium- sized or large clusters (170 g) , compact,
medium -sized or large berries (4 g), oval,
green and yellow, thick skin,
flesh is very soft and juicy.

All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

Price: PLN16.90
Seedling in a container