’Agat Doński’ grapevine (Vitis  ’ Agat Donskoy

’Agat Doński’ grapevine

 ’Agat Doński’ grapevine (Vitis Agat Donskoy)

Agat Doński is a dessert variety originating from Russia.
Tasty ,vey fertile.
grows strong,
low resistance to fungal diseases .
Berries of medium size (3.5 g ), sweet, slightly ellipsoidal/oval, dark blue with a thick 
Fructifies in mid-September,
Large clusters ( 200 g ), loose.
Best for this variety is a short cut.
The grapevine is suitable for sunny position , slightly acidic soils .

All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

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