Grapevines ’Leon Millot’ (Vitis ’Leon Millot’)

Grapevines ’Leon Millot’

Grapevines ’Leon Millot’ (Vitis ’Leon Millot’)

General description: Country of origin: France.  A variety good for processing the fruit which taste of blueberries (bilberries) and cherries; recommended for making red wine, frost-proof, very strong in growth.

Leaves: medium size to large,

Fruit: harvest at the end of September, small or medium bunches (70 g), spherical berries, dark blue.

Requirements / Cultivation:   soil fertile, light, easily heating, growing moderately strongly; it is good to cover it for the winter.

All our vine seedlings have passports of the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service.

Price: PLN16.90
Seedling in a container