Grapevine ’Marechal Foch’  (Vitis ’Marechal

Grapevine ’Marechal Foch’

Grapevine ’Marechal Foch’  (Vitis ’Marechal Foch’)

Garden variety suitable for processing.
grows strong
resistant to frost and to fungal diseases,
Fructifies generously, 
medium-sized to large leaves
small or medium-sized clusters (70 g ), 
oval , blue-black berries,with a skin easily removed from the flesh .
Juice produced from the fruits is red, cut long - between 8 and 12 buds on a stem.

All our grapevines seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

Price: PLN16.90
Seedling in a container