Grapevine ’ Muscat Bleu’ (Vitis ’Muscat Bleu’)

Muscat ’Bleu grapevine’

 Grapevine ’Muscat Bleu’ (Vitis ’Muscat Bleu’)

Variety originating from Switzerland as a dessert type.
grows fast and strong,
very fertile,
resistant to disease and resistant to frost,
Fructifies in mid-September,
medium-sized clusters (200 g ), loose,
medium-sized berries (3.5 g ), elliptical, with a coating.
The flesh is medium dense, but tasty with a slightly spicy taste.
The grapevine is self-pollinating,
Large, folded, shiny leaves with sharp ‘teeth’.
Suitable for cultivating throughout the country,
There are no requirements as to the form of cutting, but the best cut involves ends with 3-5 eyelets. 

All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

Price: PLN16.90
Seedling in a container