Grapevine ’Venus’ (Vitis ’Wenus’)   

Grapevine ’Venus’

 Grapevine ’Venus’ (Vitis ’Wenus’) 

Vitis ’Wenus’ Vitis vinifera ’Venus’

Is a vigorous and productive grape that produces large, blue-black, seedless fruits with wonderful sweet flavor which ripen in August and are resistant to cracking. Is frost resistant and self-fertile.

Venus is extremely decorative in the autumn and excellent for making jams, jellies, grape juice, eating fresh or making wine.

Can be grown in an average but moist garden soil both outdoors or under protection such as greenhouses, polytunnels or conservatories.

Regular pruning by cutting off the old wood and making way for new fruiting wood is essential for controlling grape canes and producing quality fruit yields.

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