Grapevine ’Swenson Red’  (Vitis ’Swenson Red’)

Grapevine ’Swenson Red’

Grapevine ’Swenson Red’  (Vitis ’Swenson Red’)

Swenson Red is a very popular dessert variety ,frequently present in the gardens, 
originating from the USA.
One of the sweetest grapevines!
soft, slightly jelly flesh,
Grows strong,
resistant to frost and to fungal diseases,
Fructifies generously and regularly in late August,
Large, dark green leaves.
medium-long berries (140 g),
average sized (3.3), oval with a strawberry and raspberry flavour.

Tall, spatial forms are recommended.

All our grapevines seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

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