Grapevine ’Canadice’  (Vitis ’Canadice’)

’Canadice’ grapevine

Grapevine ’Canadice’ (Vitis ’Canadice’)

Canadice is an interspecies crossbreed,
seedless, perfect for consumption,
suitable for processing and a garden variety,
resistant to frost and fungal diseases.

Large - three or five - lobe leaves.

The grapevine has medium-sized (140 g), long, cylindrical clusters,
small berries (1.8 g), spherical, ripening in the first half of September.

Dark blue and pink peel with coating is easily separated from the soft,
juicy flesh with a taste of strawberry.

Fructifying in early / mid September.

Canadice is one of the best amateur varieties for consumption
should be cut between 6 and 8 buds on a stem


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