Grapevine ’Reliance’ (Vitis ’Reliance’)

Grapevine Reliance 1L

Grapevine ’Reliance’ (Vitis ’Reliance’)

Reliance is a dessert and garden variety, seedless.
very fertile,
delicious, robust berries with hints of strawberry, seedless.
The grapevine is extremely resistant to frost and to fungal diseases.
Fructifies generously and regularly in the first half of September,
Very large, dark- green, three-lobed leaves, mossy from the bottom,
medium-sized clusters (150 g ), conical, medium tight,
medium - sized berries (2.8 g) oval with delicate, pink-red skin with a shade of grey,
easily separating from the juicy, strawberry pulp.
The grapevine has no requirements for maintenance, preferably cut to 5 buds on a shoot.

All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

Price: PLN12.49


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