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  ’Aurora’ grapevine (Vitis ’Aurora’)  

Grapevine Aurora 2L

’Aurora’ grapevine (Vitis ’Aurora’)

Variety not very susceptible to frost, very fertile, 

resistant to fungal diseases,
grows strong, fruits ripen in mid September,
can be cultivated throughout the country - not too demanding.

Aurora is an interspecies crossbreed, sweet,
suitable for processing (for wine, juice), as well as a garden and dessert variety
Leaves are medium-sized,
clusters are long (weight of up to 90 g), cylindrical,
medium-sized berries (about 1.6 g each), slightly flattened, have a delicate yellow-green skin and juicy flesh.

It requires grapes selection.
Shrub suitable for the fence, hoarding, and as a pergola – high forms


All our grapevine seedlings have State Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seeds passports.

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