Lonicera acuminate   
 A beautiful climber that

Lonicera acuminate

Lonicera acuminate 

A beautiful climber that maintains leaves throughout the year, also with yellow, decorative flowers. Grows fast, it is resistant, undemanding. A vigorously growing, strong, twisting, resistannt and undemanding creeper. It grows up to 4 m, 1-2 m per year. It tolerates partial shade. It blooms for a very long time - from June to frost. The plant is not attacked by aphids nor other pests. It has inedible, ornamental violet fruit.

Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, gates, screens, walls of houses, public greenery, patio containers or as a ground cover

Price: PLN9.90
Seedling in a container