Honeysuckle ’Tellme’ (Lonicera ’Tellmaniana’)

Honeysuckle ’Tellme’

Honeysuckle ’Tellme’ (Lonicera ’Tellmaniana’)

Annually grows approx. 1.5 m, has orange and gold flowers, blooms profusely.

A perennial vine twisting around supports, grows to 5-6 m, 1-2 m per year, blooms from June to July, excellent plant for covering pergolas, walls, orange and red flowers, at the end of the summer red sperical, purely decorative fruit appears. Requirements: No specific requirements - grows in any soil, position in the sun or partial shade

Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, columns, pillars, gates, walls of houses

Price: PLN9.90
Seedling in a container