Ivy  ’Thorndale’  (Hedera Helix  ’Thorndale’  )

Ivy ’Thorndale’

Ivy ’Thorndale’ (Hedera Helix ’Thorndale’ )

Long-lived evergreen climber. Very popular and known by everyone.

The thorndale variety has dark green leaves with light veins. A honey plant with small leaves.

A creeper which thanks to its roots climbs walls, fences, pergolas well, creeps well (excellent ground cover), grows up to 15 m with an annual increase of up to 1 m. Inconspicuous flowers, evergreen, dark, stiff, shiny leaves. Grows well in the shade, does not like acidic nor dry soil. Frostproof.

Evergreen, ornamental leaves. Supports: trellises, crates, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, gates, walls of houses, public greenery balcony containers.

Price: PLN9.90
Seedling in a container