Virginia Creeper ’Thicket’ (Parthenocissus

Virginia Creeper Thicket

Virginia Creeper ’Thicket’ (Parthenocissus inserta ’zaroślowy’)

A vigorous, undemanding climber! Very similar to Murorum vine.

The annual growth of 1-2 m. The ideal plant for covering ruins. A high climber, vigorous, growing to approx. 6 metres. Grows approx. 2 meter per year. Virginia Creeper is perfect for pergolas, fences, gazebos, porches, as a groundcover, etc. Looks like quinquefolia Murorum, but is devoid of suckers or has them underdeveloped. The stems twist around supports with tendrils and reach a lower height than the previous species.

It likes both sunny and shaded spots. 
It is undemanding when it comes to soil, ordinary garden soil is sufficient.

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