Ground ivy ’Star Showers’ (Parthenocissus

Ground ivy ’Star Showers’

Ground ivy ’Star Showers’ (Parthenocissus quinquefolia ’Star Showers’)

General description: tall climber climbing on supports, thanks to tendrils ending with rebates, growing up to 3-6 m in height,

Flowers: small and inconspicuous

Leaves: white-green, five-lobed

Requirements / Cultivation:  grows on every soil, an undemanding creeper; plant in sunny, windless positions;  a reliable variety, suitable for rebates and groups.

Flowers: This unusual plant blooms yellow in the winter and smells beautifully of lemon fragrance.                           

Flowering: It starts blooming in October until frosts arrive and then re-blooms in January / February and keeps blooming until April. It blooms on the entire length of last years shoots.

Leaves: Dark green, tiny, oval. Loses leaves for the winter.

Height: The plant grows up to 3 meters tall if it grows on the support. Planted as a bush, it grows up to 1.5 m.

Frost resistant:  Recommended for warmer regions of Poland.

It will also grows well in colder regions, but it must be planted in a warm position and secured for the winter.

Requirements / Cultivation:  Requires a warm and sunny position, but it can also grow in semi-shade. It grows beautifully on a sheltered position from the winds. Humid position, fertile and permeable soil.

Keeping / Cultivation / Cutting: The plant does not require cutting, it is cut only for the purpose of spreading and forming. When buds appear, shoots can be cut and brought to the house, and the plant will beautifully bloom and charm us with its fragrance.

Requirements: The plant should be tied to a support, it will not cling to it by itself.

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