Boston Ivy ’Veitchi’ (Parthenocissus

Boston Ivy ’Veitchi’

Boston Ivy ’Veitchi’ (Parthenocissus tricuspidata ’Veitchi’)

An interesting climber with three-leaflet leaves, green in summer and red in autumn.

It tolerates urban conditions, including pollution. A creeper which thanks to its roots climbs walls (excellent for covering walls), fences, pergolas well. It grows up to 15 m, 1-2 m per year. Inconspicuous flowers, three-lobed, dark green, stiff, shiny leaves, arranged in the form of roof tiles, red in autumn. There are no specific requirements for soil and position. When it grows in a ventilated area non-lignified stems may freeze.

In June / July melliferous flowers bloom!

Price: PLN15.90
Seedling in a container