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Murorum Virginia Creeper 1L

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

General description :

A strong, undemanding vine that easily clings to walls and climbing fixtures. It reaches up to 20 m in height. It climbs by twining around support or by using tendrils with adhesive pads that adhere themselves to surfaces. Leaves are green, crimson in autumn, and the leaves are palmates composed of five leaflets. Fully frost resistant.

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General description: The Murorum five-leaved ivy (Parthenocissus quinquefolia ’Murorum’) is a hardy and undemanding vine. It is often called by its common name - Virginia creeper. It reaches up to 20 m in height (the size of the support is the limiting factor). It’s ideal for public green spaces and for planting to cover fences and arbours. The Murorum variety also works well as a ground over plant. It successfully grows in shade and is fully frost resistant.


Flowers: Flowers are small, greenish in colour and melliferous.


Blooming: The Murorum variety blooms near the end of July and at the beginning of August. 


Leaves: Palmate compound leaves with five leaflets (five-leaved), green on top and greyish green on the underside that turn different shades of red in autumn. Leaflets grow to be around 10 cm, have serrated edges and are usually smooth to the touch.


Fruit: The Murorum ivy bears navy-coloured berries approximately 6 mm in diameter. They ripen at the turn of September and October and attract birds eager to indulge. Raw, unprocessed fruit is harmful to humans and can even be toxic. A tangy, piquant jam made of the five-leaved ivy berries is produced in the Łódź voivodeship and is listed on the Polish List of Traditional Products. In addition to the berries, spices such as ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg are added.


Cultivation requirements: The Murorum ivy grows well in sunny, semi-shaded and shaded sites, however the leaves of specimens planted in sunny spots attain a more intense scarlet colour come autumn. It has no special soil requirements.


Pruning: The five-leaved ivy should be pruned in spring or summer. It is highly recommended to check whether vines haven’t occupied gutters and crept beneath roof tiling as early as March. Shoots reaching such places should be removed. If thinning out or limiting the growth of the Murorum ivy is desired, pruning should be carried out in summer. Vines can be cut directly next to the support wall, without the need to detach the shoots first. Old and withered vines should be cut just above ground.


Overwintering: Fully frost resistant. 



Origin: North America.

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