Kamczacka Berry ’Wereteno’ (Lonicera kamtchatica

Kamczacka Berry ’Wereteno’

Kamczacka Berry ’Wereteno’ (Lonicera kamtchatica ’Wereteno’)

General description: Long-lived plant, easy to grow.

Fruit:  the fruits are juicy, tasty, sweet and sour, with a slightly noticeable bitterness.

Maturing: Kamchatka berry begins to bear fruits in the second year after planting.

The fruits ripen unevenly, so they should be harvested frequently as they ripen.

It grows up to 1.5 m in height.

Requirements / Cultivation:  it yields the best fruit in a well-sunlit position; to be planted in light, permeable and slightly acidic soils.

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