Kamchatka bilberry ’Jolanta’ (  Lonicera

Jagoda kamczacka ’Jolanta’

Kamchatka bilberry ’Jolanta’ (Lonicera kamtchatica ’Jolanta’)

Long-lived, cropping profusely non-stop plant 30-40 years.

The spherical bush growing up to 200 cm of the height and 200 cm of the width.

Variety średnio-wczesna, very prolific and little requiring - good duster

Fruits very tasty, unusually aromatic, sweet and sour, with the delicate note of the slightly bitter taste.

He is bearing fruit very profusely, because even up to 5 kg from one bush in the amateur cultivation.

Conducting the mechanical harvest is possible.


He/she requires the soil lightly sour, sandy-clayey, well grows also on the indifferent and alkaline soil.

Sunny position or lightly overshadowed.

Price: PLN8.90
Seedling in a container