Kamczacka Berry ’Zojka’ (Lonicera kamtschatica

Kamczacka Berry ’Zojka’

Kamczacka Berry ’Zojka’ (Lonicera kamtschatica ’Zojka’)

General description: Poland’s early version of Kamchatka berries, one of the three ideal pollinators for the “Wojtek cultivar”, grows moderately strongly, growing up to 1.7 m high, grows 0.7 m per year, long-lived and hardy shrub.

Fruit: they are sweet, they hold on to the bush quite well, gives about 3.5 kg of fruit from the bush.

Maturation: in May-June.

Requirements / Cultivation:  sunny position, fertile soil, sandy-loamy and loamy sandy soil.

Price: PLN8.90
Seedling in a container