Kamczacka berry ’Jugana’ (Lonicera kamtchatica

Kamczacka berry ’Jugana’

Kamczacka berry ’Jugana’ (Lonicera kamtchatica ’Jugana’)

General description: Russian variety with medium compact structure; shrub up to 150 cm high and 190 cm wide, dessert variety, perfectly suitable for freezing. Varieties recommended for pollination: ’Doczv Velikana’\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', ’Vostorg’ ’Bakczarskij Velikan’’

Fruit: pitcher-shaped fruit, very tasty.

Maturation / Flowering: fruits ripen in the second half of June,

Requirements / Cultivation:   fresh, moderately moist, slightly acidic soils, highly sunny places, frost-resistant variety.

Price: PLN8.90
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