Kamchatka bilberry ’Docz Velikana’  (Lonicera

Jagoda kamczacka ’Docz Velikana’

Kamchatka bilberry ’Docz Velikana’ (Lonicera kamtchatica ’Docz Velikana’)

Overview: Russian Variety about the oval sort, disseminate 180 achieving cm of the height and 130 cm of the width,, being suitable for a direct consumption as well as freezing, the bilberry is starting cropping after 2 of year from fixing,

Ripen/flowering: second-half of the June

Fruits: tasty fruits about the taste sweet and sour fruit ripens in May and June, enough are tolerating the transport,

Cultivation/position: for position really sunny, light soils, permeable, lightly sour. Completely frost-resistant variety.

Price: PLN8.90
Seedling in a container