Actinidia kolomikta pollinator ’Adam’

Kiwi Berry ’Adam’ pollinator

Actinidia kolomikta pollinator ’Adam’ 

Ornamental climber with beautiful green leaves, that are white and pink in autumn.

Pollinator for the Actinidia kolomikta (kolomikta) kiwifruit species.

Adam is a perennial, twisting, strong (reaching up to several meters), ornamental climber, it can withstand temepratures of even -40°C, does not require protection, it is frostproof throughout Poland.

Its maximum height is 4 m, and an annual increase amounts to 1-2 m. Its stems climb, so it needs support. In May the creeper is decorated with tiny two-inch, white, decorative and fragrant flowers. fruit: no fruit - a pollinator for female varieties
Flowering: June
cultivation: position in the sun - partially shaded, planted in an espalier or by a wall every 1 m,
cutting is not necessary,

Supports: trellises, trusses, pergolas, arbors, walls of houses, pillars, columns, fences, screens, gates, tripods, as public greenery, on playgrounds for children, balcony containers

Price: PLN10.90
Seedling in a container