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Magnolia Betty 1L

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General description :

Betty is one of the most attractive varieties of magnolia. It’s delicate but it tolerates low temperatures very well. This variety has dark pink flower. Thanks to it being smaller than other varieties, it grows well in small home gardens. In 15 years reaches 3-4 m in height and a similar width.

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General description

General description: Betty is a variety with a well-documented history. It’s a hybrid of two very interesting varieties: 'Nigra' and 'Rosea'. Their combination is simply stunning – Betty is considered to be one of the most beautiful varieties.


Flowers: Betty has very large, open flowers, up to 30 cm in diameter that consist of 18 petals that are dark pink on the outer side with a lighter inside.


Blooming: This magnolia blooms at the end of April or at the beginning of May, before its leaves develop. Blooming time for magnolias is relatively long - up to 3 weeks.


Leaves: Betty has light green, elliptical, pointed, large leaves around 10-15 cm long. Initially its shoots have an interesting reddish colour, but later turn brown.


Cultivation requirements: Magnolias grow best in locations sheltered from wind, in sunny or semi-shaded spots. They prefer moist humus soil with a slightly acidic pH. Seedlings should be planted in a hole filled with previously prepared fertile soil mixed with manure or peat. After planting, watering and mulching the soil around the base with bark or peat is needed. This will help keep the substrate moist and protect the roots from frost.


Care: Due to a shallow root system, soil around magnolias should not be dug. Betty does not like to be replanted, so a suitable place must be chosen when first planting this magnolia.


Pruning: This magnolia can be pruned for a nicer shape, but only after the flowers have withered.


Overwintering: Betty is resistant to frost (hardiness zone 6b). Young magnolias are sensitive to harsh frosts, but older magnolias tolerate them well. For safe and secure flowering, protectng young seedlings before winter by piling a mound of soil and a thick layer of bark or sawdust around the plant’s base is highly recommended and it’s advised to then cover the whole seedling with spruce branches or straw. Older plants do not need this.


Origin: Asia.

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