Magnolia Leonard Messel 1L

Magnolia loebneri Leonard Messel

General description :

The Leonard Messel variety is distinguished by its interesting star-shaped flowers. They consist of 12 narrow petals, pink and white in colour. This magnolia blooms very profusely and has a lovely fragrance. Despite its delicate appearance, this variety does well in temperate climes. It grows as a low tree or tall shrub, reaching up to 4 m in height and a similar width.

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General description

General description: Leonard Messel is a broad, heavily branched shrub or small tree with a low-set crown. Magnolias were probably the first flowering plants on earth, already growing tens of millions of years ago. This reliable and valuable variety developed from a cross between M. kobus and M. stellata. The variety name comes from the founder of the Nymans estate garden in England.


Flowers: This magnolia has star-shaped flowers made up of 12 petals that open slowly. They are pink on the outside and white on the inside and have a delightful scent.


Blooming: Leonard Messel blooms very beautifully and profusely with large flowers between April and May. It starts to bloom earliest of all magnolia varieties, often as early as the second year after planting.


Leaves: This magnolia has dark green, quite narrow and elongated ovate leaves about 12 cm long.


Cultivation requirements: Leonard Messel needs a sunny but slightly shaded location that is sheltered from wind. It grows best in fertile, moist, humus soils with a slightly acidic pH.


Care: Due to a shallow root system, soil around magnolias should not be dug up. For this reason, Leonard Messel does not like to be replanted, so a suitable place must be chosen when first planting this magnolia.


Pruning: This magnolia can be pruned to a specific shape, but this will delay and limit flowering in the following year.


Overwintering: Leonard Messel is resistant to frost (hardiness zone 6b). Young magnolias are sensitive to harsh frosts, but older magnolias tolerate them well. Despite its frost resistance, flower buds freeze at -15°C and below -25°C frost threatens entire shoots. For safe and sure flowering, protecting young seedlings when the first autumn frosts arrive is advised, preferably by piling a mound of bark or sawdust around the plant’s base as well as covering stems with straw or cardboard.


Origin: Asia.


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