Magnolia Coates 1L

magnolia soulangeana Coates

General description :

Coates is a fairly fast-growing magnolia variety. It grows as a shrub or small tree with an oval crown, branching low to the ground. It reaches a height of about 5-6 m. At the turn of April and May it produces large flowers at the ends of stems with lilac pink petals.

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General description

General description: Coates was created by crossing two varieties - M. sieboldii and M. tripetala at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It has a regular rounded shape of a large shrub or small tree.


Flowers: Coates has large or very large, tulip-shaped flowers about 10 cm long. They are composed of 9-12 white fleshy petals. Purple red stamens appear in the centre of each beautifully fragrant flower.


Blooming: This magnolia blooms very profusely in spring, in late April/early May, before its leaves develop.


Leaves: The leaves are ovate, varied in colour, up to 25 cm long and grow clustered at the ends of the stems.


Cultivation requirements: This magnolia grows best in sunny or semi-shaded locations, sheltered from wind. It prefers a fertile, moist substrate with a slightly acidic pH of 6-6.5. Coates requires intensive watering from May to July when it grows most intensively.


Care: The earth around the shrub should be lined with conifer bark. This will help the soil dry out more slowly. As the bark has an acid reaction, this solution is very beneficial for magnolias.


Pruning:  Magnolias do not respond well to pruning, they densify poorly, and regrowth is slow. In addition, pruning can reduce flowering for a year or two. Pruning should only be done in certain situations: if a stem breaks, if it gets frostbitten, becomes diseased, or if a shoot is clearly in the way. Pruning should always be conducted after flowering.


Overwintering: Coates is resistant to frost (hardiness zone 6b). Young magnolias are sensitive to harsh frosts, but older magnolias tolerate them well. Despite its frost resistance, flower buds freeze at -15°C and below -25°C frost threatens entire shoots. For safe and sure flowering, protect young seedlings before winter by piling a mound of soil and a thick layer of bark or sawdust around the plant’s base is advised.


Origin: Asia.


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