Vine – health itself

Grapevines can be grown successfully in Poland. In the garden we can have  delicious and very healthy

Grapevine – Health itself!

Vines can be successfully cultivated in Poland. In the garden we can  have delicious and very healthy fruit at a very low cost.

Just the health itself!

The grapevine is a fruiting climber with delicious grapes. Some are also very decorative due to big or discolouring  leaves in autumn.

There are three reasons why grapevine is worth having:

• both fresh and processed grapes have valuable nutritional and health features (consisting of 70-85% of water, with 10-25% sugars, organic acids, proteins, pectins and minerals)

• fruits contain phenolic compound resveratrol, which prevents atherosclerosis, cancer and has antibacterial features

• eating grapes lowers blood cholesterol, has a good effect on the kidneys, liver and nervous system, stimulates appetite and the beneficial intestinal microflora

The position and soil:

The grapevine is a plant which enjoys warmth, requires warm, sunny positions, sheltered from the winds. Thrives the best in the south or south-west side (south-eastern side is also good for early maturing varieties). Light soil and humus is the perfect soil for cultivation.


Grapevine requires an annual cut, because it is fruiting on herbaceous shoots (the branches). Depending on the variety give it a short cut (up to 5 eyelets on a shoot), medium (6-8 buds on the shoot) and long (8-12 mesh on the shoot). Right after planting - ‘the low head’ Guyot cutting system should be chosen, on ropes, so that in 3-4 years we will enjoy delicious fruit.

Securing the bush for winter:

A heap of  earth or bark at the bottom, similarly to roses, before the first frost.


The grapevines are divided into 3 groups:

• dessert (delicious, sweet fruit, ready to eat raw), for example. Iza Zaliwska, Ontario, Suwile, Alden, Canadice, crisp Pink;

• processing (typically for processing: very tasty wine, juice, milk), for example. Chardonnay, Hibernal, Riesling, Seyval Blanc, Marechal Foch, Leon Millot;

• garden, bower type  (it has very decorative leaves, ideal for amateurs, very frost resistant), for example: Alden, Alwood, New York Muscat, Swenson Red;

There are also those that are ideal for both eating and processing, for example: Bianca, Chorus, Lidia.



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